Hella Heels are for pole dancing, not ‘everyday’ wear, and should not be worn by children under 18.

Pole dancing and wearing pole dance shoes are challenging, strenuous activities that carry risks we cannot entirely remove. These include, without limitation: (i) physical injury from loss of balance, tripping or falling; and (ii) ankle, foot or other podiatric injury.

We recommend that you do:

  • Check the shoes are in good condition before wearing (taking particular note of eyelets, finishings, embellishments and zips);
  • Keep your ankles engaged and strong during use;
  • Ensure your ankles are fit and healthy before use (if in doubt, seek medical advice);
  • Use ankle-strengthening techniques before use; 
  • Use warm-up techniques (including for ankles) before use;
  • Take extra care when wearing on soft flooring such as carpet; 
  • Take extra care when wearing (do not run or rush);
  • Take care with any sharp edges or points on the shoes; and
  • Replace as needed. Just like ordinary shoes, Hella Heels should be replaced as appropriate after wear and tear or damage. This may need to happen from time to time, given the physical intensity placed on the shoes (such as in squatting and other positions).

We recommend that you do not:

  • Wear Hella Heels for ‘everyday' use or walking;
  • Wear Hella Heels whilst: (i) pregnant; (ii) under the influence of alcohol, non-prescription drugs or with inhibited balance; or (iii) if you have a foot, ankle or podiatric condition;
  • Wear Hella Heels for pole movements outside of your ‘comfort zone’ or in which you are not competent, or which involve flips or landings heavily placing your weight upon your feet;
  • Wear Hella Heels if you have not had pole dancing training from a qualified instructor;
  • Wear Hella Heels on uneven, slippery, wet or dangerous or unbalanced flooring; or
  • Wear Hella Heels whilst ascending stairs (but if you must do so, please take extra care).

Please use Hella Heels safely and responsibly. In the absence of negligence or other breach of duty by us, your use of Hella Heels is at your own risk.
If you have questions or want to contact us, you can get in touch with us at hello@clubhellaheels.com.