Whether you’re a baby poler, newly minted skrippa, or a seasoned heels enthusiast looking to expand their collection, you might ask, "Which heels do I start with," or better yet, "Which Hellas do I even start with?!"

Hellas are the perfect heels to start with, as we carry various heel heights and shoe sizes,

and a wicked array of heels to fit all the feels. Let’s get started.

Which Height Do I Start With?

We recommend starting with 6” or 7” heels if you have little to no experience – and they’re nothing short of fab. We have heaps of stilettos and boots in this range to help you dance in style safely.

Once you feel more comfortable, slowly work up the sky-high club in our 8” and 9” heels.

Tran$parent Eleganza to Go with Everythinggg!

$tripperella Classic Stiletto: featuring OG Skrippa fave with see-through platforms and creamy white insoles for a seamless look. Available in 6", 7" and 8"

This heel's all that: designed with Cushioned Insoles for a Comfier Dance, Pointe-friendly Platforms, Small peep-toe to stop escaping toes and Strong TPU!

See You At The Floor(work): BabyDoll Collection

A collection defined by faux suedes and velvets, BabyDolls are the perfect heels when it comes to slinking and sliding across the floor. This collection also includes stilettos with clear strap work and faux suede platforms!

Pole Angel: Plastique Collection

Can’t seem to get enough of the pole? We have the perfect collection for that special attachment “issue”.
Our ultra-glossy Plastique boots offer the best grip for all your pole tricks, and styles to shuffle through:

open toe, closed toe, and thigh high boots.

Like It Rough: Blaq Kicks

Our first and smallest collection, Blaq Kicks are our number one shoe for durability. Blaq Kicks feature different textured panelling to create an epic dancing shoe that will go with anything. Platforms are black all the way through – meaning no white marks, because no one has time to be looking scruffy and you need shoes that last longer than your ex. These will look good for a long time (no grip for the pole though).

Still want the Black All The Way Through Platforms, but not feeling Blaq Kicks? Our Dakota Classic Stiletto and Black Beatle Boots also have platforms that are black all the way through. Talk about options!

Use Protection, Always

While you work hard to secure the bag, so do your heels. Shoes are not indestructible, and we’ve got protective gear for that to keep you looking fly for a long time. Shop our matching and clear shoe protectors, fitted to both shoe size and platform height for a snug time.

Here for a good time and a long time.

Protect Ya Knee: Thigh Highs with Built-In Protection

We want all the babes to secure the bag safely without having to compromise aesthetic.
As seen in our Glitterati Thigh Highs and Black Beatle Front Lace Thigh Highs, they feature Built-In Knee Protection with padded tongue that extends down for a kneepad effect.

Why Choose Hella?

Created by dancers for dancers, we pride ourselves in quality and durability. Our designs are inspired by our own experiences in the industry. Our heels feature soft and cushy insoles and luxury lining for a comfier dance.
We're aaall about feeling good from the inside-out.

We're Cruelty-Free! And our materials are and will always be Vegan.
And about that super cute, hella aesthetic packaging? Our shoe protector packaging is compostable and shoeboxes are from recycled cardboard.

We also feature a Large Size Range (US 4-13) and are proud to have introduced Slim & Thicc Thigh High Editions (as seen in our Plastique Collection) because sexy comes in all shapes and sizes!